February 28, 2007

March Madness

How is it already March? Well, I still have a few hours to go before the new month hits, but my resolutions to write more have fallen ridiculously short. However, I did get to the gym tonight.... In any case, I wanted to send a shout out to G. who's flown far away to warmer climes to start an exciting new job and ride a camel to work. Unfortunately, it's in a country where you need a permit to buy alcohol and public displays of drunkenness are punishable by hanging in the public square. Sacre bleu (or I should say salaam alechem). So I'm raising my virtual glass to a friend with whom I've shared countless glasses of wine throughout the years. Good luck in finding tasty vino over there. Maybe they import Manischewitz - not!

In other news, two recent super wine finds that are pretty inexpensive, both from Southern France because we can all use a bit of Provençal sun in the middle of winter! Jean-Luc Colombo's Les Pins Couchés Côte Bleue Red and Les 40ème Rugissants (Roaring 40's). The first is a Syrah/Mourvèdre blend and the second is all Syrah. La Côte Bleue refers to the area near Marseilles known as the "blue coast" and the wine is full of red fruits, thyme, black olive and well, yumminess (not to be confused with a certain annoying celeb chef’s “yum-o” please). The "40" wine starts off all cloves and keeps changing in the glass like a magic potion. We drank it while watching the Oscars along with a spicy chili that J. whipped up and it was a fab pairing. Much more interesting than the endless awards that gave "saving the best for last" new meaning.

Cheers y’all and Happy March!

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