March 19, 2008

I'm Back

Hi Everyone,

I know you didn't really miss my blathering, but a random comment from Brazil (someone in South America reads my blog!) and the fact that tonight I attended a seminar for wine and spirits writing has prompted me - or shall I say guilted me - into hitting the keyboard again. Oh yeah, and I've been taking all these food photos....

So even though today's NYT dining section opened with an article on foodies repenting their gluttony, my return to blogging is dedicated to a glorious gastronomic experience. A few weeks ago, a friend took me to a teeny tiny gem of a restaurant in the East Village called Graffiti. The chef/owner is former Jean Georges pastry chef Jehangir Mehta. The most gracious of hosts, Jehangir welcomed us into a space quite literally the size of my living room. Ganesh and other Indian objets decorate the slim, flatteringly-lighted space. The menu is an exotic assortment of small plates that are truly tantalizing. (Forgive all my pent-up alliteration.) Among the dishes we enjoyed: chili pork dumplings with grapefruit confit; foie gras rasberry crostini with walnut salad; and beet feta salad with a balsamic olive granita. Twenty or so thoughtfully assembled wines are all offered for $8 by the glass or $25 by the bottle. Try the Hi Garnacha. You should probably make a reservation, but go soon!

Graffiti: East 10th Street between First and Second Aves, t: 212-464-7743,

Thanks for reading!

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