June 22, 2008

Pushing the pink!

Promises, promises…So this installment was supposed to be Prague part deux – where I actually talk about what I ate in Bohemia. Or at least some tidbits about what went down in Boulder (my dinner of 30+ wines) and Aspen (snow flurries, chef José Andres’ version of ‘ham and eggs’ - yes, slices of Jamon Ibérico at $160 a pound wrapped around caviar or one of NYC’s leading sommelier’s after-hours plumbing skills), but lo and behold in spite of all this material, here I am talking about pink wine.

Why? Well, I worked at Astor Wines today and continued to be surprised at people’s resistance to rosé wine. When asked what to drink with all sorts of dishes that would be perfect with rosé, especially given the warm, sticky weather, I was told, “oh, I don’t drink rosé” or “aren’t they all sweet?” or “rosés aren’t very good” or just looks of disdain and incredulity at my ridiculous suggestion. I LOVE ROSÉ! Ok, let me clarify that – I love good dry rosé, and there’s a lot of it out there these days. And it’s made from Syrah or Garnacha or Cabernet Franc or Nebbiolo et ainsi de suite. So just drink rosé – here are some to try.
Do it!
• Les Larmes du paradis vallée d’aoste
• Gran Feudo rosato
• Mulderbosch
• Le Rosé des Deux Ânes
• Montes Cherub – if you can find it
• Sinskey Vin Gris
• Viña Tondonia Rosado, Lopez de Heredia – not for everyone....

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